Cultural Celebration Cultural Celebration

Cultural Celebration

Aurora Fairy Tea Party

Our children were invited to join the International Fairy Tea Party. Aurora children dressed up in all their favourite costumes, some of them transformed into fairies with wings and wreaths . Throughout the week they also chose locations to create and decorate fairy houses. On the day there were Magic Bubbles, Magic Wands, Magic Soup, Fairy Fruits and Fairy Drawing stations, all created by the children.

This was our second time joining this imaginary party and the children really enjoyed it.

“International Fairy Tea Party – Celebrated on a day where all the children around the world share the fact that we have 12 hours of daylight – the equinox! We might not all share the same resources, the same seasons, the same cultures or religions… but we can share the fact we ALL have 12 hours of daylight and we can celebrate children’s right to PLAY.

Play outdoors and explore nature… fairies give you the chance to see the little things up close…”

(International Fairy Tea Party)


Lightening Aurora in the Mid-Autumn 

The Mid-Autumn Festival (Tết Trung Thu) is also known in Vietnam as the “Children’s Festival”. In the memory of Vietnamese children, the day always comes with beautiful lanterns and delicious mooncakes.

Aurora children start to engage in the Mid-Autumn Celebration with the Mooncake making workshop. With the guide of the artisan, children were so excited to make the cakes by themselves with their choices of the fillings and shapes of the molds. The finished products are wrapped carefully and sent back home as a gift for parents in this festival.

We had a meaningful time together at Aurora on this day with our children, teachers and families. We hope that children’s childhood will be associated with beautiful memories of the cultures and traditions in Vietnam, where they are living and growing.

Thank you families for coming to lighten Aurora with all your love, joy and happiness.


Spring has Sprung

Welcoming Spring in Vietnam is a magical time of year. The arrival of spring brings joy to all. Blossoms are everywhere and people thank the land for providing them with such blessings. At Aurora, we wanted to bring this feeling to our children and community. We shared with children the value of rice and the rich role it plays in Vietnam’s agricultural history as they planted their very own seeds. Rice harvested by our support staff was brought in for our children to experience the various stages of the magnificent rice plant. Colorful blossoms and flowers filled our school, so upon arrival each day, we were able to observe our children’s awe and wonder as they felt surrounded by new beginnings. Spring had arrived. We wish you all a happy and prosperous lunar new year.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi.


Cultural Stories of Christmas at Aurora

Thank you to all of our families for sharing our wonderful day.

Our Christmas story this year comes from the celebration of books and the storytelling that exists within these. We have thoroughly enjoyed families coming in to share festive cultural traditions and stories with our children leading up to today’s celebration.

Our children led wonderful workshops that spoke to the stories of various Christmas traditions around the world. Children and their families were invited to collaborate on an art piece inspired by images from Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker.

There was wonderful singing from our children and teachers and an overall feeling of love and joy.

The arrival of our Tropical Santa was a big surprise that brought much laughter and happiness to everyone.

Aurora would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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