Aurora Fairy Tea


Our children were invited to join the International Fairy Tea Party. Aurora children dressed up in all their favourite costumes, some of them transformed into fairies with wings and wreaths . Throughout the week they also chose locations to create and decorate fairy houses. On the day there were Magic Bubbles, Magic Wands, Magic Soup, Fairy Fruits and Fairy Drawing stations, all created by the children.

This was our second time joining this imaginary party and the children really enjoyed it.

“International Fairy Tea Party – Celebrated on a day where all the children around the world share the fact that we have 12 hours of daylight – the equinox! We might not all share the same resources, the same seasons, the same cultures or religions… but we can share the fact we ALL have 12 hours of daylight and we can celebrate children’s right to PLAY.

Play outdoors and explore nature… fairies give you the chance to see the little things up close…”

(International Fairy Tea Party)