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Aurora was started in October 2015 and opened its doors to the first children in March of 2016, representing the fulfillment of a dream of a local mother and ambitious educators who had long envisioned a high-quality Early Years education and care environment for Vietnam’s youngest citizens.


The piazza (entrance’s foyer): is conceptualized as a place where the classes can interexchange moments together, like in a town’s square, where the inhabitants of the place can randomly and freely meet and exchange some time together. The piazza is the heart of the school organism, where children of all ages meet and play together. 

The piazza, the place of encounters, friendships, games and other activities that complete those of the classrooms” (Loris Malaguzzi)

The Atelier

The atelier is a place of experimentation and research, particularly reactive to and in dialogue with the surrounding reality and contemporary culture, also in relation to the artistic and expressive development of atelierista who works in the atelier” ( Reggio Children, 2009). At Aurora, the atelier system includes atelier of nature, atelier of light, atelier of focus, atelier of digital, atelier of sound and atelier of book.

The Garden: is an open-air space next to the piazza which the children can access at all times. It is called the “ classroom without a roof” with the Reggio inspired philosophy.

Outdoor space : our outdoor space offers both the space for gross motor and aquatic activities, as well as project extensions and an outdoor atelier. We believe the outdoor and indoor spaces to be interchangeable where the outdoor reflects the same learning possibilities offered indoors and vice versa.