Our community

Teachers as facilitators 
Everybody who is involved with Aurora is integral to the development of the children. 

Each room has a differing number of adults depending on the age and number of children in each class. In charge of pedagogy in each class is the Lead Teacher or the Co-Teachers, who head the projects, documentation and are the first point of contact for communication with families. The Co-Teachers in each class support the Lead Teachers with their duties, documentation and care of the children. 

With a deep understanding and knowledge of tools, materials and mediums used in Reggio Emilia schools, our Atelierista helps the children and teachers to realize their long-term projects, making them become real, effective, with a high sense of aesthetic, and multi-dimensional. 

The Library Teacher plans various learning engagements to encourage children to engage in literature at each age. These planned sessions help children not only find a love of stories but to think critically and find the value in print. With technology finding its way to the hands of our children, it’s important to teach them Digital Citizenship as a part of their library classes. 

The PE Teacher provides a physical education programme that includes swimming, water safety and PE classes for all age groups that promotes health and wellbeing. 

The Pedagogista of Aurora has the responsibility to coordinate with the teachers and other team members to ensure the Reggio-Inspired philosophy is followed through pedagogy, daily practices, projects and classroom environments. The Pedagogista works with teachers through professional development and coordinates with experts in The Arts to participate in the growth of Aurora children and staff. The Pedagogista is also a reference person for families wanting to discuss learning and teaching at Aurora. 

The team as collaborators 

Our Team of Cooks freshly prepares the food every day in our onsite kitchen at Aurora. From the early hours of the morning until the end of the school day, the team works together to ensure the children and staff at Aurora eat healthy, well-balanced meals.  

The school Nurse is available to ensure that every child and member of the Aurora community is in good health. She provides a safe and warm environment for children who are feeling poorly and advises school staff on health and safety policies and procedures.  

Aurora’s Support Staff work through the day to maintain the premises and ensure a hygienic environment for everybody. 

The Admissions Team oversees the process of enrolling a new child through to their settling into the Aurora classes. They are accessible to prospective parents to answer queries about the school and pedagogy and to current Aurora families to discuss any issues should they arise.  

Developing a thriving Aurora community is driven by our Marketing Team who conceptualize, plan and implement events for the School. They also make sure our social media accounts are up to date and represent the true spirit of Aurora. 

Overseeing the operation of the Aurora International School is our Director. The Director has responsibilities for the overall running of the school and its functions.