Our community

Everybody who is involved with Aurora is integral to the development of the children. 

Teachers as facilitators 

Each room has a differing number of adults depending on the age and number of children in each class. In charge of pedagogy in each class is the Lead Teacher or the Co-Teachers, who head the projects, documentation and are the first point of contact for communication with families. The Co-Teachers in each class support the Lead Teachers with their responsibilities, documentation and care of the children.  

With a deep understanding and knowledge of tools, materials and mediums used in Reggio Emilia schools, our Atelierista helps the children and teachers to realize their long-term projects, making them become real, effective, with a high sense of aesthetic, and multi-dimensional. 

The Pedagogista has the responsibility to coordinate with the teachers to ensure the Reggio Emilia educational projects and experiences are followed through pedagogy, projects and environments through professional development and coordinates with experts. The Pedagogista is also a reference person for families wanting to discuss learning and teaching at Aurora. 


The team as collaborators 

All the staff members of the school meet once a week to discuss and broaden their ideas, and they participate together in in-service training. 

Thus, we have put together a mechanism combining places, roles, and functions that each have their own timing but that can be interexchange with one another to generate ideas and actions. All this works within a network of cooperation and interactions that produces for the adults, but above all for the children. a feeling of belonging in a world that is alive, welcoming, and authentic. 

“Learning is the key factor on which a new way of teaching should be based, becoming a complementary resource to the child and offering multiple options, suggestive ideas, and sources of support. Learning and teaching should not stand on opposite banks and just watch the river flow by; instead, they should embark together on a journey down the water. Through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen learning how to learn.”

– Loris Malaguzzi