Learning and Culture Celebration

Learning and Culture Celebration is a significant part of Aurora International School Of The Arts. This is the occasion for us to embed Vietnamese culture in the philosophy to give Aurora’s community a sense of history and tradition associated with Vietnam. Celebrations are also the chances for children to exhibit their projects as well as their learning journey.​​

Articles Of Interest Articles Of Interest

Articles Of Interest

[Ho Chi Minh City / Kindergarten / School Lunch News] A well-balanced healthy menu “Aurora International School of the Arts” that encourages independence while remembering the taste of nature

All handmade by the chef with organic ingredients

Natural ingredients, handmade, nutritional management. The exclusive chef thinks about menus based on these three and prepares flavorful dishes. We use fresh organic ingredients, lean meat, whole grains, etc., and thoroughly avoid the use of genetically modified crops and artificial flavors and seasonings.

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