The image of the child

Every child is seen as resilient, confident and competent. We believe that children can express their own ideas, make independent choices, and are able to play and work well with others. In this concept resides our focus on the children’s autonomy and on the importance, we give to children’s opinions and choices.  

The role of the morning assembly is to listen to children’s ideas and take their decisions earnestly. The role of the adult is to support them in the initial planning and to provide open-ended materials, tools and resources which will encourage the children to develop a divergent way of thinking, improve self-awareness, be able to make associations, express their opinions and collaborate within the group.  

Teachers and children will start their investigations from open-ended questions, co-building knowledge together. 

The Reggio Emila philosophy is highly inclusive and we consider all children as equally important. We embrace each child’s special uniqueness, respecting the child’s right to be welcomed as a whole person. At Aurora, we do not offer scores, labels, and grades that we believe would summarize a child’s personality in a quantitative description. We provide an open and always ongoing relationship and communication between families and teachers through various means of documentation.  

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences” (Loris Malaguzzi)