Partnership with families

Partnership with families: exchanging images of the child 

At Aurora, parents are viewed as vital components and contributors to the school’s philosophy and are encouraged to involve themselves in every aspect of their child’s learning experiences. Teachers acknowledge and recognize parents as the child’s first teacher. In the process of learning, teachers, parents, and the child are viewed as collaborators. The exchange of ideas between parents and teachers is vital in creating a more positive and productive learning environment.  

We provide an open and always ongoing relationship and connection between families and teachers through various means of communication.

  • Documentation 
  • Communication through Storypark and emails  
  • Family assemblies 
  • Daily conversations 
  • Individual parent-teacher conferences 
  • Encounters with an expert 
  • Cultural Celebration and workshops 

“The ideas and skills that the families bring to school and, even more important, the exchange of ideas between parents and teachers favor the construction of a new way of educating and help teachers to view the participation of families not as threat but as intrinsic element of collegiality and the integration of different wisdoms.”

– Spaggiari