Family’s participation

At Aurora, parents are viewed as vital components and contributors to the school’s philosophy and are encouraged to involve themselves in every aspect of their child’s learning experiences. Teachers acknowledge and recognize parents as the child’s primary teachers. Reggio-Inspired philosophy position educators as advocates and learners alongside the children as the ‘second teacher’. In the process of learning, teachers, parents and the child are viewed as collaborators. The exchange of ideas between parents and teachers is vital in creating a more positive and productive learning environment.  

Reggio inspired teachers to take into account the needs and desires of the parents and strive to help them in bettering their child’s education. Keeping in mind that the growth and well-being of your child is a common aim of each of us, we support a constructive relationship with a view to co-responsibility.  

Dialogue with our families is especially important in our school. We provide diverse approaches to deliver information concerning your child’s life at school: 

  • Documentation
  • Daily Communication through StoryPark
  • Family assemblies
  • Parent-Teacher and Children conferences