Our educational philosophy is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach within a Vietnamese cultural context. With an emphasis on responsibility and community involvement,  respect for living organisms and sustainability is at the core of our learning experiences.

At the centre of our educational philosophy is our image of the child: a competent child, full of preparedness, potential and curiosity, active in constructing his or her own knowledge through interactions with others and the environment around them.

Our environment is conceived as “the third teacher” and every corner at Aurora is designed to support a sense of familiarity, reinforce a sense of safety, and foster exploration and discovery.


We believe that children have the capacity for representing ideas and constructing knowledge in a variety of symbolic and graphic modes. This approach emphasizes the importance of children’s symbolic language, conceptualized as the “100 languages”, where ideas and knowledge-building are expressed through many creative processes, such as speech, writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, construction, music, movement and shadow play.


Our teachers observe and listen to the “100 Languages” children use to express themselves as individual learners and as “teachers” in their own right, and facilitate opportunities for further investigation and learning.  These investigations take the form of projects, where children actively participate, explore and question the world around them.  


Our curriculum emerges through collaboration and a continuous dialogue between teachers and children as teachers observe, interpret and document each child’s learning journey.  It is a curriculum that is accountable for learning in an authentic, emergent way, that is flexibly adjusted as children pursue extensive investigations of their world, guided by teachers who share their sense of adventure and amazement.  Assessment is the process of observing, interpreting and documenting what our children do, know and understand.


Children are active protagonists of their growth and development processes as our core value at Aurora Ecosystem.

“Each child is the subject of rights. First and foremost possessing the right to be respected and valued in his or her own identity, uniqueness, difference, and in his or her own rhythms of growth and development.” ( Preschools and Infant-Toddler Centers Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia 2018).

“Knowing where you are, where you find yourself, helps you to develop a sense of your own identity and your place in the world… Every place has its own spirit, its own past and its own aspirations.”– Jerome Bruner