Exploration Projects

Summer Project 2021

In celebration of nature and all that it has to offer, Aurora introduces The Summer Project ‘Garden to Table – The Language of Food and Plants’. Our purpose is to empower children with a love of good, fresh food and the skills needed to grow and prepare it.  We will learn to designgrowharvestprepare and share as we observe, investigate and become green-fingered individuals. Through the languages of science, cooking, music, storytelling, and art, children will discover the joy of nature.

Each week we will discover how to appreciate and cultivate what ends up on our plates. Our Summer project is designed over 7 weeks (5 July – 20 August 2021) for children from 2 years – 11 years of age who are already comfortable in a school setting. The project includes the following 7 chapters, corresponding to 7 weeks:

  • Chapter 1: Friendship with our Earth
  • Chapter 2: Grand Designs – Visual invention of the garden
  • Chapter 3: Green Fingers/ Become a Gardener
  • Chapter 4: Multiple levels of projection – Digital Landscapes
  • Chapter 5: Harvesting & Discovering the Elements of plants
  • Chapter 6: The nature of beauty, art, taste, and science
  • Chapter 7: Share – Master Chef’s Picnic

Children will collaborate with their friends and teachers to investigate the chapters through thought-provoking experiences and invitations inside and outside the school. We are looking forward to a summer project that lives and breathes sustainability.