Learning Environment

Environment as a third educator

“Environment should be considered as the third educator. We have to create a “complicity” with the environment in order to be able to scaffold, together, children’s learning processes” (C. Fabbi, 2004)

Based on the idea that the children have the right to a challenging environment, at Aurora, every corner is thought with the intent to offer various learning possibilities to the children. We strongly believe that the environment has a fundamental role in developing autonomy and supporting well-being.

“Our objective, which we will always pursue, is to create an amiable environment where children, families and teachers feel at ease” (Loris Malaguzzi)

Our classrooms are designed to support a sense of familiarity, reinforce a sense of safety and foster exploration and discovery. Every classroom is conceptualized in a way that would allow children to shift from one space to another to work on different projects with different groups.

The choices made at Aurora concerning the environment have been inspired by Reggio Emilia in their structure, translated and intertwined with elements from Vietnamese culture. Our visitors will find a cosy environment with the main presence of wood, recycled from ancient pieces and natural materials. At Aurora, every aspect and detail of the learning environment is deliberate in its intention, as it stimulates all 5 senses.